Apologies, Regrets and Limitations:

Martello sidecars were produced without individual product identification numbers, ie like registration or serial numbers on a car chassis, hence throughout this history reference is made to the sidecar by owners name (where known) and with regret it must be acknowledged that individual sidecar histories can become lost, disjointed, mixed up or out of sequence quite easily. Where possible, photographic records have been used (together with any unique items of identification) to track and fix individual sidecar histories within their relevant time line.

The impact of normal human factors and personal recollections over the last 40 years can easily become mixed so as a general rule (where possible) I have included all information provided on face value, used my own personal judgement and only adjusted the information provided when collaboration data such as news paper articles, receipts or other dated documentation has been received to allow a fixed point in time to be referenced. However, errors in data can occur and I apologize before hand for any incorrect sections. I remain fully open to include updates and welcome any additional information as and when received for inclusion in later issues.


List of General Illustrations

Authors Introduction

Martello Sidecar Development Timeline

Martello Sidecar Batch Production Run Summary

Clifford Day and ‘Moby Dick’

Advertising, News Reports and Brochures

Martello Sidecar Conception, Manufacture and Production History

Individual Sidecar History Summary, including Owners Table & Page Index

Individual Martello History’s

Illustrated Martello Modifications

30th Year Martello Gathering

Martello Spares List & Suppliers

List of general illustrations:

Location Description

(Page 1) Front cover (upper) - Part of the 1st advertising flyer from circa 1982

(Page 1) Front cover (lower) - 5off Martello’s at Sidecar Federation rally 2005

From rear left of picture forward to front right – The Martello owners at that time are as follows:

John Whitcombe

Mick Kennel

Doug Feveryear

Paul Ennis

John Mayhew

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